Me at Grefsenkollen in my hometown

My poetry

Verdens søteste jente
brief moment of time
closing my eyes
glad i deg
its so nice
mitt hjerte
my love
once upon the time
one day
smell of you
summer breeze
the light
the sun
verdens søteste jente
On this page I have gathered some poetry. Most of these poems are written by me. Most of these poems are written with someone or something particular in mind but you will never get to know who or what this is. Something is still to be kept private.

Over time I have shared some of my poems with people I know. Therefore I belive it's time to publish all of them and give them to the world.

All poems are collected on the left side of this page. If you want to read them, just click their names.These poems are both in Norwegian and English. Feel free to use them if you like any of them.

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