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Active Server Pages

I have published this article at It is writen in norwegian and is written as an introduction to ASP.

ASP is a server side scriping language developed by Microsoft. By default the scriping-language VBscript is used in ASP. This is also the most common scripting-language used in ASP. But it is also possible to use JavaScript and using JavaScript makes ASP more versitaile. When I say versitaile I mean that it may be used on more webservers. As far as I know the webserver from Microsoft (IIS) is the only webserver that support VBscript. When using JavaScript it is possible to use ASP on more servers than IIS.

Because VBscript is the default scriping language in ASP that is the scriping-language I will be focusing on in this turtorial. As far as I know there are four versions available of ASP so far.

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