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On this page I have published some of the scripts writen by me. Feel free to modify or use them as you like.

Guestbook with captcha (updated february 14th 2009): This is a php-based guestbook with captcha to prevent spambots leave information in it. It is possible to write name, mailaddy, homepage, country in addition to a comment. Data and time is registered in UTC-format along with the ip-adress. The ip-adress is registered to make it possible to trace whoever is "abusing" the guestbook (ie dumps lots of or write nasty messages in the guestbook). The newest version also stops html-code and some unwanted content.
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DvdDatabase: This is a ASP-based script where you may gather lots of info about the movies in your DVD-collection (Director, cast, length, genre ++) and you may even register who is lending your movies. This script is writen in ASP 3.
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Ip_filter: This is a php-filter I use on my homepage to filter unwanted guests. When people are visiting a site their ip-adress is checked and they are locked out from the site if there is a match. A great script of you want to stop people visiting a site.
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Mail: This script makes it possible to mail yourself (or someone else) from your homepage. It is easy to configure and I have added the 'documentation' within the scriptfile itself. This is the same mailingscript as I am using on this site.
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Image gallery: This script resizes and displays images contained in a folder of your choise.
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