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On my homepage I am trying to present a glimpse of who I am and what I am preoccupied with. This range from what I do in my spare time to the ethics I try to follow in life even if it is not always easy. Much of this philosophy is derived from the teachings about The force from Star Wars and Zen Buddhism and I usually say I am more of a Buddhist than a Christian.

I have published some of my poetry on my homepage. You will also find an introduction to some of the most popular scripting-languages as well on this page. On the Facts and links-section I have published some technical articles. I had a lot of travel-related stuff on this page but I moved that to the domain

I am not good at describing myself and I guess I am one of those who would rather be experienced than writing a lot about themselves. My name is Einar. Einar is an old and popular Norse name deeply connected to the einherjar, the fallen warriors living in Valhalla (home of the Norse Gods). The meaning of the name: magnificent, unique warrior, one who fights alone, one man army and/or leader. In Norse religion the einherjar were spirits of warriors who had died bravely in battle. The name is Old Norse for "one-army-ers" (Singular would be einheri and the etymology may be from a Common Germanic aina-harj-arja). It is often interpreted as "outstanding fighter", but might also signify "those who are all [now] in one army", because when alive on earth they were in many armies and bands, but now they are all in the Army of the Dead.

On a warm summer day in 1975 I saw daylight for the first time. I lived together with my family in Oslo until I finished high school in spring 1995. I moved on to Stavanger and Bergen, setting of for adventures in The royal Norwegian navy. After boot camp and two months at the Norwegian Naval Training Establishment I served rest of the year at two frigates; HNoMS Stavanger and HNoMS Narvik. After a year full of adventures I moved on to Kristiansand, the sunny capital of the southern coast.

During the days I lived I Kristiansand I worked in the postal service. At this time the Italian movie Il Postino became popular in Norway. Il Postino means the postman in Italian. From those days on I used the nick ilpostino on the web and hence the name of this site as well. To me, this could not become a better nick to use on the web being a movie-interested, former postman.

I lived in Kristiansand for 3 years. Among other things I studied economics, mathematics and informatics at Agder University College, now Agder university. During that period of time I also discovered the web and all it's facilities. At that time internet hadn't been available to the public for more than a couple of years so it where still something new. I moved back to Oslo in 1999 and have lived here ever since. Well, I have lived in Bærum for about two years but since Bærum more or less is a suburb of Oslo I look upon it as a part of it. I sincerely miss Kristiansand.

After working two years full time in a hardware-store in Oslo I thought it was about time to move on in my life. I decided to go back to school and I were studying for another three years. These studies were also related to computers. Another 5 years I worked in a hardware store before I started working with IT. I had some hard time to get some computer related work because I where fresh out of college and no working-experience with IT, but I finally did. Per se I have been working in different places in the government administration for 17 years and its still an interesting place to work. At my spare time I keep up the knowledge I have when it comes to computers. Most of my time I am spending either at work, in the swimming pool, in a movie theatre or in front of my computer. Well - as long as I am not doing anything else like travelling. I also love spending time with my wonderful girlfriend.

I guess I am one of those people who are somewhat quiet. I think I am looked upon as nice but perhaps a little too naive sometimes. I am also very patient and like to teach new things to others. Life is in many ways a continual learning process. I'm also quite handy and has among other things, rebuilt a part of an apartment and build two docks. I am satisfied when I get to use both mind and body. I am a gentle soul, with good intentions toward everyone. Selfless and kind, I have great faith in people. Sometimes this faith can lead to disappointment in the long run, but I am always trying to look upon things in a positive way. No matter what, I deal with everything in a calm and balanced way. I am a seeker of wisdom and a life long learner looking for purpose and meaning in my surroundings. I make my own cufflinks that I sell at

I am also spending a lot of time (and money) on movie theatres. My record at the moment is 50 movies in the movie theatres within a year. It has happened people have phoned me and asked what to see in the movie theatres. I am also chronically addicted to music and have it with me all the time. A couple of years ago I started to travel the world and the seven seas. I like to travel and experience new people and cultures but I am unfortunately not as good at connecting to new people after my brother died as I once used to be. I imagine some people get the impression that I am a bit uninterested in getting to know them or that I am superficial but this is something I try to do something about. I guess I am one of those quiet persons. I often get feedback that I am kind (maybe a little too nice at times), patient and good at teaching things. On you may see my collection of movies.

Some time ago I bought myself four digital cameras, Canon Powershot G9, Fujifilm X20, Pentax K20d and Pentax K-5 II. I have sold some pictures but I am trying to become better. Here is a list of my cameras and accessories. It takes a lot of practice but hopefully I will get there sometime. I have uploaded some of my pictures to

I am really nerdy on certain things and was in the first episode of season 2 of Heia Tufte a couple of years ago. It turned out I was too good at football so they turned me down for rest of the series but at least I can say I have been on national television.

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